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isometric Strength Worlds

Isometric Strength Worlds PPV Ticket

Isometric Strength Worlds PPV Ticket

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Immerse yourself in the world of elite Static strength.

Only 2500 tickets available to witness this never seen type of performance. 

By securing your ticket, you get access to: 7 days of streamed competition !

EACH DAY you get access to 1H of ‘lifestyle’ live with your favorite athletes , 1H of interviews, and 3 hours of competition , totaling 5 hours of daily stream for a week of 35 hours of live action!
35 Hours of Live Streaming for ONLY 20 Euros, 0.57 Euros per Hour, that’s less than your daily coffee, to see the most epic performances you ever saw.

DON'T FORGET TO USE THE LINK OF YOUR FAVORITE ATHLETE TO SUPPORT HIM IN HIS JOURNEY ! He will earn 3 euros per ticket, which will support him during the preparation !

5% of the ticket sales will be given to IberianBattles, as a first mark of our engagement to contribute to the development of Calisthenics around the world.


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