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INFO ISO : Event Overview

Get ready to witness the ultimate showdown of isometric strength at the Isometric Strength Worlds 2024, from July 22 to 28, 2024.

Accessibility / Streaming

The ISO STRENGTH WORLD’S will be accessible ONLY via our website, which will host our streaming system and the rediffusions.

Every days for a week long, the livestream will take part in 3 different ways
1- get access to 3h of live competition

2- 1 Hour of ‘Lifestyle’ content : get direct access to the backstages of ISO, see how the athletes are preparing, living, feeling and interacting together.

3- During the 1h of interview, the viewer through the chatroom will get the opportunity to ask questions to 2 different athletes each day !
The streaming system will feature several different camera angles, as well as a chat room, where viewers will be able to exchange together, and even support their favorite athletes live.

The live chat will be broadcast close to the stage, and participants will be able to see the messages of support and flags sent to them by their supporters on the projector.

The website will be secured by a Pro Cyber Security partner & The Live Stream will have a medium hosting capacity, to ensure the quality and the stability of the live action, So make sure to be one of the first to secure your place !

(A security system will insure that only one connexion at a time is possible for each ticket, as a security measure for the well function of the streaming system)

2. Competition Schedule

  • Front Lever Days (July 22-24): The first three days are dedicated to the Front Lever athletes, showcasing their incredible strength, along the 12 tests they will have to  pass.
  • Rest Day (July 25): A rest day to recharge and engage the public with interviews and reality content.
  • Planche Days (July 26-28): The competition heats up again as the focus shifts to the Planche athletes.

Awards Ceremony (July 28): The final day concludes with an awards ceremony celebrating the exceptional athletes.Reminder: EACH DAY you get access to 1H of ‘lifestyle’ live with your favorite athletes , 1H of interviews, and 3 hours of competition , totaling 5 hours of daily stream for a week of 35 hours of live action!

3. Selection Processes

  • Competitor Selection: The top 10 athletes in each category were democratically chosen through a voting system. Each Athlete in the list gave his selection, after crossing the lists of each participant, we arrived at a final list of participants, ensuring a fair and objective selection, with no conflict of interest, based on elite knowledge & following the criterias required to pass the tests.
    The criterias of selection was: Variety, endurance, combinations, form & control. 

Iberian Battles Spotlight : To give the opportunity to 2 more athletes to showcase their strength during the ISW, the organization selected two athletes that showed powerful performance during the Iberian Battles – @gusta93_bbs and @tommaso_magro_01.

  • Judge Selection: Athletes through a democratic voting process selected the judges,  ensuring their legitimacy, and the recognition of the judges by the participants.

4. Test’s selections 

  • Athletes through a democratic voting process selected the tests they will face, they had the opportunity to propose tests that were not in the tests propositions, ensuring their involvement in the creation of the competition's format.

The goal through this test's selection was to quantify all aspects of strength : endurance, form & control, variety and ability to combine.

For reasons of organization and participant fatigue, we asked each athlete to select 12tests, 4tests per day for three consecutive days. As it is an impressive demonstration of strength and endurance to pass, it is impossible to ask participants to pass 5 tests per day / 15 in a total of 3 days.

To ensure that a single test would not have too much influence on the final result, only the main variants are present in the max test’s.In the eventuality that a too big part of the participants could not perform enough reps / would not master one movement, some movements have not been added to the max category, example : Forearm OAP, OAP Pushups, ground viktorian, Zanetti, OAFL pullups.. These incredible movements will be counted in the two steps about variety and combinations.variety test, 1 minute to present five skills : this test is here to show variety and mastery on high level skills that are not into the max reps.1.30 min Combination test : this test is here to let participants show their best combinations, including their most impressive skills and powermoves.To balance the value of the variety and combination aspect with the max reps tests, these two tests will have a coefficient of 3, meaning that each  will count as 3 max reps tests. The criterias of notation are currently being built, by the Elite participants following the same democratic process, ensuring the highest level of expertise and exigence.

5. Elite Competitors / complete lineup

The competition features the best of the best calisthenics community Isometric Strength – the top 10 Front Lever and top 10 Planche athletes from around the world will show you the highest level of excellence and exigence during the ISO Strength World’s 2024 edition.

Planche Competitors:

@valentin_otz, @chenyongtong666, @elfo_sw, @iliesse_ns, @calisrama, @renji_urz, @antunez_sw, @abigor_edo, @frandolz_ and @gusta93_bbs

Front Lever Competitors:

@elfo_sw, @onizuka_ns, @iliesse_ns, @mani_workout, @ugo_otz, @m4rianito, @antunez_sw, @crissalvarezz, @workout_nan and @tommaso_magro_01

6. A unique competition format, with three levels of recognition.

As previously mentioned, each category will be divided into 12 tests. Following each test , the  participants will be awarded a number of points ranging from 1 to 0.1, depending on their ranking. 

1st : 1pt / 2nd : 0.9 / 3rd : 0.8 / 4th 0.7 / 5th : 0.6 / 6th 0.5 / 7th : 0.4 / 8th : 0.3 / 9th th : 0.2 / 10th : 0.1 

1st level of recognition: The winner of each test will receive a medal, signifying his victory in the test in question.

2nd level of recognition: As Planche and front-lever are categories regrouping several movements and powermoves, a trophy will be awarded to the person obtaining the highest score for each movement / powermove.

 Example , planche category : Full / Maltese / OAP / hold / pushup / press 

The winners of the variety and combination events will also receive a trophy representing their victory in these highly important tests.

Third and ULTIMATE recognition , THE OVERALL VICTORY : 

The participant with the highest number of points after passing the 12 tests will be considered the most balanced and powerful athlete in his category. 

He will be awarded the title of "Strongest Front lever / Planche in the world of the year 2024", and will receive a cash prize of 4000€, a trophy, and a certificate signed by all the other participants, recognizing his dominance during the event. The participant reaching the second highest number of points, will be awarded the title of ‘Vice Strongest Front lever / Planche in the world of the year 2024", and will receive a cash prize of 1000€, a trophy, and a certificate signed by all the other participants, recognizing his excellence during the event.

7. Cash Prize Pool

The Isometric Strength Worlds boasts the largest cash prize pool in calisthenics history – a whopping 10,000 euros. Winners in each category receive 4,000 euros each, with an 8,000 euro prize in the eventuality of an athlete conquering both. Second-place finishers in Front Lever and Planche each receive 1,000 euros.

In the eventualityof great ticket sales, allowing the organization toinvest moreinto this edition, the cash price could be multipliedby x1.5 to x2.

8. Ticket Information

Limited tickets are available for purchase at the original price of 20 euros. Act fast, as the last few tickets may be subject to price increases. Tune in through our exclusive livestream for all the action ! 

The whole event will last for 35 Hours of Live Streaming, this represents: 0.57 Euros per Hour, 2.8 Euros per day - only one coffee a day to witness this new chapter of calisthenics history !


9. Affiliation System

Elite competitors and judges have a unique opportunity to earn money before the start of the event, thanks to an exclusive affiliation system, each participants and judges, will receive 15%/3 euros for  each sold ticket. This innovative approach guarantees support for the participants, and gives them the opportunity to generate income all along their preparation.

That's why it's important for everyone wishing to attend the ISO Strength World's to use their favorite athlete's link, to support them directly in getting your ticket. 

10. Gym Legacy

In the aftermath of the event, the ISO’s gym will stand as a lastingsymbol of the Iso Strength World Championship, where the name of the participants, winners and their scores during each edition will be written on a board of the highlights, letting their name written into the Calisthenics history. This gym will not only honor the achievements of elite athletes but also serve as a space for future competitions, athletes and skill development.